United States of Army’s Intranet Protection System

Army Knowledge Online utilises the United States of Army’s intranet protection, which is the most secure corporate intranet service available. This system allows Army officers to register for webmail. The system of the Army incorporates Army Knowledge Management, which allows for monitoring of the Army officers affairs easily. The United States of America and The Army System have made sure that all classified and unclassified information regarding the army is safe through the use of AKO webmail. The DoD security policy is also in place to ensure safe communication and information disclosure.

Army Knowledge Online, commonly known as the AKO Army System includes many features that are beneficial to US Army workers, including email, portal and directory. This makes it possible for different wings of the US Army, such as National Guard, DA Civilian, Army Reserves and Active Duty to communicate with each other via webmail from anywhere in the world using DKO/AKO mail services.

The AKO system is built using Appian BPM Suite technology, which allows for the sharing of information, process management,
information dissemination and many other features.

Army Knowledge Online started out as an experimental project that was part of the General Office Management Office. Over the years since it’s creation, research and development has gone into the AKO system to ensure a benefit is provided for the millions of US Army workers, from soldiers to civilians; every active soldier in the US Army is registered with Army Knowledge Online.

The system has made it easy for a range of military learning programs to be made affordable for all members of the Army community. Some of these educational programs include the Army Correspondence Course Program, Army Learning Management System, Virtual University and many more.

Accessing both financial and medical records has been made easy for AKO users who may need support or help from the Army, with financial records, leave and earning statements and other important information available. As stated previously, the security of AKO is a priority to the United States. The Army system and the DoD security policy ensure no sensitive information will be leaked. This is also the reason for AKO’s strict password policy, to ensure maximum security. For users that don’t login to AKO with CAC, strict questions are asked to maintain the security of the system.

Army Knowledge Online has made communication and information dissemination safe and trusted, with no risk of leaking. No longer do Army officers have to rely on email servers, which can often be breached. Online resources are available to provide more information to new Army Knowledge Online users, explaining how AKO can be used for recruits to officers and maintaining the security of AKO.