ALMS Help Desk

What is ALMS?

ALMS is simply the acronym for Army Learning Management System for the American military. It is a kind of system that is designed to increase or improve the knowledge base of soldiers. For example, the ALMS system delivers training to the soldiers in both a non-resident and resident training environment. Apart from delivering training to the soldiers, the ALMS is also involved in managing the training information. This means that soldiers training information before, during and even after the training program is made possible by the ALMS system. Considering the fact that information management is critical in the army, the design of ALMS makes it easier and better to disseminate information to soldiers, monitor and manage the progress and impact of the training.

As part of training management, the ALMS is also responsible for providing training collaborations and scheduling of the training programs. ALMS ensure that the scheduling is done properly in such a way that does not clash with other important duties. Besides, there are other trainers that can deliver these sort of training to the soldiers and this is why training collaboration cannot be taken for granted since it is part of the backbone of the learning system.

Another important role of the ALMS is that it delivers career planning capabilities which are available in all kinds of environment like the non-resident and resident training environment. At the end of the day, what ALMS hope to achieve is giving the soldiers the required training that helps their career in the military.

In addition, another important use of the ALMS web based system is its contribution to the Army managers and trainers in managing or conducting the training of soldiers all through their careers. Apart from soldiers, the ALMS is also useful in maintaining training of the DA civilians.

Training will be done at DTFs and this is not even all the benefits the ALMS can offer. For example, training can not only be possible at the DTFs because any army personnel can always access the training from anywhere they are located. The army personnel can always access any training as long as they have the internet as well as a computer in addition of the developed ALMS that is applied to all TRADOC installations all over the world currently. There is a CTE (Content Test Environment) embedded into the system and this is designed to allow users from any location to test the content at first even before trying to go live.

Telephone Number

If you need help reaching the help desk while using the ALMS system, then there is a way in which it can be done. You can contact the ALMS Help Desk by telephone. There are two toll free numbers for contacting the ALMS help desk and they are 1-877-251-0730 and 1-800-275-2872. However, for commercial line contact telephone number is 1-757-878-4745. It is important to note that the Army Learning Management System Help desk is available 24/7, 365 days per week.


According to the official ALMS website the help desk operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.