AKO Webmail

AKO is simply known as Army Knowledge Online and it is an enterprise information service designed for the United States Army. It is web based by design and apart from the army, it is also a platform used by customers of the Department of Defense.

The AKO Webmail is a component of the intranet for the US Army. What it does is to allow access to the Army Knowledge Online to users. This access includes all typical features of an online email client. It is important to note that the AKO webmail also serve other arms of the military of the US not just in America both everywhere they are in the world. This includes the National Guard and the Reserve as well as some private contractors as long as they are working with the department of Defense handling Army concerns.

The AKO Webmail is the portal where all the military groups listed above communicate within themselves and keep abreast of up to date information whether private or public.
AKO Webmail also helps the military personnel’s to attend classes as members of a unit of even on an individual basis. The AKO Webmail is based on a single web portal on corporate intranet model. This kind of system is what allows the Army community to do a lot of things that improve the effectiveness of the community. For example, members of the armed forces through the AKO webmail can build websites, blogs, storage areas as well as try to engage in various discussions and chat within themselves individually or as a group.

AKO is not just entirely for those in service presently. The service is extended to Army retirees and also some of their family members. This means this group of people can subscribe to the AKO and the AKO webmail is what hold everything in the system together.

How Does it Work?

The AKO Webmail works in such a way that allows the United States Army to stay in touch with one another. Besides, it is a very secure system that allows the exchange of materials that are considered sensitive within the Army and civilians working for them. It works by passing information quickly and efficiently within the command and intelligence community. In some cases, secured storage files can be uploaded where it becomes accessible to the commanders in the battle field anywhere in the world. The AKO system allows soldiers in the front line to learn new tactics, keep in touch with their friends and family and organize themselves in any part of the world.

How to Log In?

It is important to note that people who can log into the AKO webmail are those with access to the platform. This includes the national guards, army reserves and current serving members of the armed forces. In addition, guests of the army, civilians working with the army and the retired army personnel can also log into the AKO webmail system.

To log into the AKO webmail, it is important that you input the required details. The details required include username and password obtained at registration on the platform. However, note that before logging into the AKO Webmail, you must have set up your AKO webmail. Setting up your account will involve entering your personal information, sponsor information if applicable and then choose a username and password for your account. Once AKO webmail account is set, you can then log in by entering your username and password information.

In addition, there is an extra layer of authentication in AKO webmail during login process. The Common Access Card is a layer of authentication and it is issued to everyone who is given access to the AKO Webmail.

How to Reset Password

Like every other system, it is possible to forget the password of your AKO webmail account. However, this can be corrected by resetting the password. Note that the process is quite simple and can be done by anyone who uses the platform.

To reset your password if you have lost or forgotten it would start by clicking the link that is present on the login screen. Then some simple questions would be displayed on the page and this is simply to ensure that the identity of the person is verified. You are expected to answer the questions correctly and in doing so, your password will be forwarded to the email in which the account was created in the beginning. Your account will reset with the new password and you can then log into the system once again.

What to Do If You are Having Problems?

It is not impossible for users of AKO webmail to have problems from time to time when using the platform. However, whatever problem you encounter shouldn’t be a problem as everything has been taken care of. First of all, if you are having problems, you can check the FAQ page on the AKO website to see if you’re the problem you encountered has been answered. The FAQ page is comprehensive enough and covers a whole lot of likely scenarios that could pose a problem to AKO webmail users.

Problems with logging in as a result of wrong or forgotten password can be solved by doing a password reset and the account registration page can explain registration process if you are having problems during registration.

Another option includes leaving a comment at the site and get responses from the community or you can email help@us.army.mil

What is CAC Login?

Common Access Card (CAC) is an identification process for people who are using the AKO webmail facility. Due to the security system of the AKO webmail, another layer of security is added and that comes by logging in with your CAC. When logging into the AKO webmail, the CAC provides the encryption as well as access cryptographically.

Therefore CAC login is simply the extra layer of security of the AKO webmail access which everyone must have before accessing the AKO webmail platform.