AKO Help Desk Number | Army Knowledge Online

History of Army Knowledge Online

Army Knowledge Online was created in the late 1990s as a portal for all active and retired US Army personnel. It started originally as a test version for a project owned by the General Office Management Office, under the name America’s Army Online. This name however was very similar to another website that was around at the same time; because of this the name was later changed to Army Knowledge Online (AKO). A group of project officers were tasked with the responsibility of developing, researching and expanding the services provided by AKO to better benefit Army Officers that are stationed around the globe.

How to Contact Army Knowledge Online

For commercial callers, the AKO Help Desk number is 1-866-335-ARMY (2769)

For any other callers, please use the following instructions:

  • DSN Switch Board: 312-560-1110
  • Ask the operator to connect you: 866-335-2769
  • When prompted, please select ‘2’
  • You can also contact the AKO Help Desk via help@us.army.mil.

For more information on getting in contact with the Army Knowledge Online Help Desk, please refer to this article.

Army Knowledge Online Today

The project has seen many changes since it’s inception in the late 1990s, but despite these changes the original principles and the reason behind the project remain the same. The system includes a database of emails and names which can be viewed through webmail, white papers, the ability to analyse and reject credentials, accessing content remotely and the capability to authenticate centrally.

The AKO system is built on Appian BPM Suite, technology that offers the basis for all information circulation, knowledge sharing, collaboration between officials and process management.

The system provides Army officials with the opportunity to build access control lists for the information they own, allowing the audience to view that information. AKO also allows US Army soldiers and Department of Army civilians to have access to a variety of online education resources.

The learning resources on Army Knowledge Online are free for any members of the US Army that are interested, allowing them to learn about a variety of topics, including business, new languages and more. Utilising these free learning resources is highly beneficial for use in college and can also lead to promotions in the armed forces. It is therefore recommended that all Army members utilise this resource to it’s fullest potential.

The DoD security policy requires having a Common Access Card and a password in order to access Army Knowledge Online. When setting a password please make sure that you include the following:

  • Two lowercase letters
  • Two uppercase letters
  • Two special characters
  • Two numbers

After 150 days the password you chose will expire, when resetting the password you are unable to use a password that you have previously used.

The Army Knowledge Online system also features a section that enables soldiers to access their financial records, including their earning history, leave records, food allowances, housing allowances and more. You will also be able to access US Army officials’ medical history, including their previous physical examination results and their recent health status.